We offer the
to add
JT support
to Unity3d

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JeTi Library

Our Library( called JeTi ) is an Implementation of the ISO-JT Standard.
The Library offers loading of JT-Data at runtime or at development time by simply D&D your JT-Data into the Unity-Editor.


JeTi Library is purely written in C#
and can be also used as a standalone Library

Unity Asset-Store

Available in the Unity Asset-Store (coming-soon)

Plug & Play

D&D your JT-Data into
the Unity-Editor
for instant visualization.


Our integration relies strictly on the ISO 14306 data format.


We are specialized in the extraction of 3D-Data from CAD-Data
to make visualisation as seamless as possible


Together with our customer we build solutions that targets the customer requirements

Custom-tailored Visualization

Do you already have your product requirements
and you are looking for a strong developer team?
We have experience in VR/AR and Web-Based Visualization

Migration of 3D-Content

Your 3D-Content is not in the correct form/format to work properly with your current Viewer?
We can help to create and build a process to overcome the obstacles

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Start building.

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At the moment we are almost at the end of our development process.
You can register for early-Access to receive a free Testversion.

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